Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 6 - Day 6

Today was basically drive, rest stop, drive, rest stop, drive etc. But since that is only a few words long I will extend it by resorting to great detail.

This morning I woke to Michelle saying, “Wake up darling children”. But then I fell back to sleep, thinking that it had been my dream. We all had a pretty horrible sleep I think, due to the puppy that we found shivering beneath the porch. I keep thinking that it is a rat, and we weren’t very sad when we had to leave it. So we drove for about three hours while we all read our books, played magic, and blared our ipods. By the time we reached the Food Lion I was STARVING!!!! We stumbled out of our bus and gathered together in a Quakerly circle, beside a highway and a parking lot. After that, most of us decided to purchase lunch, instead of the usual pita, tuna, humus, and cheese. Afterwards we returned to the stuffy, crap filled bus and tuned back into to our blaring ipods and new fatty snacks from Food Lion. So we drove, and we drove, and we DROVE. Then after a few more gas station stops we finally reached our home away from home J. I enjoy the trampoline, and the sweet tennis court, and of course the ping pong table down stairs, VERY much! Showers were lovely and we are all very clean and refreshed. Currently I am sitting on a stool in the kitchen, with an empty bowl of vanilla ice cream and a cup of water. Ah well, that is all I think…we are waking up at nine tomorrow unfortunately but ya know that’s the city life!


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