Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 11 - Day 11

1. First full day in ocracoke

2. Feasted on pancakes

3. Lazed around on the beach

4. Quesadillas!

5. Bike riding, more beach time

6. Water was cold (Gressa turned blue )

7. Cole didn’t catch any fish

8. Reverse osmosis water plant

a. Take salty sulfury water from ground

b. Filters through membranes

c. 65% is now drinkable

d. Now none of us will ever feel the same when we drink out of the tap here

9. Ocracoke specialty: taters, fishies, egg, bacon (it was pretty yum)

10. Girls did girl stuff (teehee)

11. Guys were obnoxious-shock

12. YAY! Cat fight!

13. Todd modeled his yellow full body wet suit

14. Michelle brushed little children’s and kiddies’ teethers

15. Sleepy sleepy time.


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