Friday, March 19, 2010

March 12 - Day 12

What a beautiful day it wasL

Ok so get this: the first day in Ocracoke was gorgeous, the sun was out and there was a cool breeze. We got bikes and rode them around the island. But today, well let’s just say was totally opposite, it started to rain last night and it did not stop until 4:00 today (or some where around that time). After it stopped raining we rode our bikes back to the bike shop. As we rode the bikes, we had no choice but to go thru deep puddles. Some of us got wet, well I didn’t because when the puddles came up I quickly put my legs on the handle bars and rod right thru it (now that was grand).

Anyway we went to a museum in Ocracoke, Preservation Society is what it is called. There we learnt about the history of Ocracoke, especially about the people who have lived on the island over the centuries.

After that we went back to the Inn to eat dinner and get ready to go to the club called Howards Pub. We went to see some kid play guitar and sing. He was good but me Ariel, Emma, and Gressa got distracted by a very pretty guy. He just kept on talking to us; we weren’t really paying attention to his words. Yep, he was really cute! He gave us his number (which I don’t remember) but did not tell us his name… How rude!

So that was our day and yes it was a beautiful day.

Imani Marquita Gouveia

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