Friday, March 19, 2010

March 16 - Day 16

Today was a long day of driving.

When we woke up, there was a delicious breakfast of yogurt, fruit cereal, a kringle pastry and orange juice laid out on May’s (Toms) kitchen counter. After eating, we packed up our stuff and tidied up a bit around the house. Then, we headed towards Lexington, NC to check out a solar farm.

The trip to Lexington took about an hour. By the time we got to the (Sun Edison) solar farm, everyone had just about melted into the seats of the bus. Nobody really wanted to get out and be functional. But all of us eventually stepped out of the bus and into the cold air. For an hour, or so, we were shown the solar panels and electric equipment of the farm and told numbers and statistics about how much energy each block of solar panels creates, how many homes the farm supports, etc. None of which I can remember at the moment. The tour ended just about when our brains were at their capacity for new information.

After the solar farm, we drove. And drove… and drove. And drove some more. For about six hours we drove. Until finally we ended up in Cumming, Georgia at the home of Liz Lorrendo, a family friend of Meghan’s. We were fed delicious baked ziti and rolls and the best salad I’ve ever had. Really, I never thought I’d like salad that much. While we were eating, we were told the story of how, when Meghan was five years old, she and her friend planned to run away and marry Michael Jackson. What a day.

=) Emma

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