Friday, March 12, 2010

March 10 - Day 10

This morning we cleaned and left the Overstreets’ house with one of their private jets. After one minute of flying, we landed at the American astronaut base. Then the jet doors opened and five big guys armed to the teeth came to us and told us, “follow us to the space ship; we are leaving in ten minutes for the moon. Pack your stuff.” Nine minutes later we were ready and in the space ship and we heard the countdown:

Five Four Three Two One


The space ship exploded and we all flew away and landed next to David’s house in Ocracoke, except Ethan Rountree, who may be in outer space for all we know. But we had a party to celebrate Ethan’s death anyway. Sorry Bethany.



  1. Aristide,
    please go quickly to look for Ethan
    and stop to do such stupid jokes !!!
    your mother, Emmanuelle

  2. Super Aristide je vois que tu ameliore toujours ton sens de l'humour. Gros bisous. Papa