Friday, March 19, 2010

March 14 - Day 14

In the morning we woke up super early to eat breakfast at 7:30, when we got in the dining room we found that we were the only ones there, besides the cooks. Everyone else was really impressed that we had gotten up that early, and we responded with, “Our trip leaders made us”. Oh if only we had known everyone else was going to be late for breakfast, maybe I would remember what happened today

So we left our cabin after breakfast and packing around 9 o’clock, and got to the lemur center around 10:00. It was cool, there were lots of different kinds of lemurs, they are really cute.

Well yeah, most at least, there is this kind of lemur that smells really bad because they have these oil glands on the top of their heads. The fur on their head is really slicked and greasy, and when they mark their territory they just rub the tops of their heads anywhere and it smells really bad. Yeah, and the males have more oil on their heads then the females because supposedly they are usually the ones who are more territorial.

So anyway, after that we rode in the bus for about a half of an hour, before we reached the Duke energy envision center. I must admit I was pretty out of it by then, the words on the big board beside our little desks that we were seated in, were moving around and the side of my head was pulsing the whole time. Ah, day 14 of fieldtrips, not my favorite. Duke energy envision center was basically about 5 years into the future; the whole idea was that our kitchen appliances could communicate with each other, when the humans are gone, then they could tell each other to turn off and on, so then we could save a lot more energy than normal. We watched a lot of cheesy videos about teens living in the world that 2015 is supposedly going to be like. But, we got cool pens with wind turbines on the tops.

After that we drove some MORE, and then we finally reached Caleb and Anne’s house where we celebrated Alessandra’s birthday and had ice cream cake. Then, after that to wrap it up, we stayed over at the Schopler’s house, so that’s about it wait oh yeah, they have a cat well actually they have two cats that look alike but that was nice, basically the highlight of that day J


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